Genetic Index Information 

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Genetic Index Information.

Holstein Association USA Inc - will have it's Top 100 TPI (no semen status) online quickly. Go to Online with Holstein, then Sire lists for the links to the High Ranking Sire Report: no semen status. Top 100 TPI International Report -Online

DAIRYBULLS.COM - Searchable DairySire Evaluation -will be updated quickly with new information.

COW INDEXES  for Production
For bulls and cows you can locate production indexes by going to the USDA/AIPL site and click on animal inquiry, cow or bull, enter the animals number.

Also at the USDA/AIPL site you will be able to go through the file menus and get the updated information to download to your computer.  The lists are sorted by breed and then herd code number. Animals are id'd by registration number.

Will your cow's lactation records be included in the next genetic update? Here is a link to a new query at USDA/AIPL


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